eino joins 5G Open Innovation Lab

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14 Startups Handpicked to Join 5G OI Lab’s Elite Batch 7 Spring Program!

Today’s announcement of Batch 7 adds 14 new startups to 5G OI Lab’s open ecosystem bringing the total number of participating companies to 101. The multi-stage startups selected for the Lab’s Spring program hail from around the Globe and represent cutting-edge enterprise solutions in a multitude of areas from IoT/blockchain to cybersecurity, IoMT, drone aviation control and connectivity, next-generation networking and network planning, autonomous vehicles, manufacturing tech, the industrial metaverse, computer vision, robotic controls and 3D mapping.

Since the 5G Open Innovation Lab’s program inception in 2020, participating startups and alumni have raised a lifetime total of $1.641B with several exits valued at $200+M.

The startups selected to join the 5G Open Innovation Lab’s Spring Batch 7 include:

AnyLog - AnyLog transforms the Edge to a Virtual Cloud allowing companies to view and manage distributed edge data and resources as if the distributed data and resources are centralized in the cloud.

Airgap Networks - Airgap Network offers agentless Zero Trust microsegmentation solution that can be implemented in less than an hour across IT, OT, and IoT environments.

Asimily - Asimily’s IoMT risk remediation platform holistically secures mission-critical healthcare devices from cyberattacks for delivering safe and reliable care.

Drisit - Drisit empowers its users to have global vision. To see anywhere on Earth by flying drones anywhere from your phone or computer.

Eino - Eino is a connectivity digital twin platform that automatically designs and simulates solution architecture for WiFi and cellular networks.

Elsight - Elsight enables drones and other uncrewed platforms markets to scale to their full potential by providing absolute Beyond Visual Line Of Sight (BVLOS) connection confidence solutions.

Faction - Faction is a Silicon Valley startup that develops driverless solutions based on light electric vehicles.

Fastsensor - Measuring indoor journeys for ROI and safety.

HedgeHog - Hedgehog simplifies physical networking for data center and edge compute infrastructure.

Holo-Light - Unleashing the potential of XR. Holo-Light provides scalability for XR use cases via the industrial metaverse solution XRnow.

Landing AI - Landing AI: Landing AI offers a computer vision cloud platform LandingLens™ that enables users to build, iterate and deploy AI-powered solutions quickly and easily.

SEMPRE - SEMPRE connects, protects and secures what matters most: communication and information vital to critical infrastructure.

Unlimited Robotics - Unlimited Robotics empowers Python and JS developers to build applications on robots, making them into a multipurpose device.

YDrive AI - AI-generated digital twins and 3D maps. We allow anyone with a phone to replicate the world in photo-realistic 3D from just a few images.