We’re a team of scientists and engineers who are passionate about developing innovative technology that gives companies superpowers.

Our mission

To build the future of resource distribution in smart cities and beyond. With the explosion of 5G and the urgent need for high-quality network access everywhere, re-tooling distribution planning for today’s connected lives and tomorrow’s challenges is a requirement, not an option.

We exist to help enterprises build connectivity digital twins and create reliable networks that their customers can trust.

Our partners

Our values

Futuristic. Order-of-magnitude advancement requires a forward-looking approach. We provide cutting-edge technology so you stay ahead of the curve.
Empowering. Complex problems need simple solutions. We empower visionaries with intelligent tools for optimized decision-making.
Impactful. There are problems to resolve and lives to improve. We are on a mission to replace outmoded miscues with ceaseless connectedness for vibrant living and human advancement.

We always look forwards, striving to create something better. Our technology transcends verticals and empowers people, bringing a brighter future to everyone.

Meet the core team
Payman Samadi
Founder & CEO
Payman is passionate about autonomy and intelligent ecosystems. He holds a Ph.D. in Photonics and has a diverse background in academia and industry. Prior to founding eino, he was a product manager at Optiwave and worked as a scientist at Cornell and Columbia universities designing networks for the next generation connectivity.
James Sayre
JT is devoted to building powerful and elegant solutions for complex telecommunications problems. He has a Ph.D. in astrophysics from Case Western Reserve, and prior to joining eino, spent a decade working on mm-wave instrumentation and data analysis programming with the South Pole Telescope before moving to industry as a senior data scientist with CenturyLink.
“Modern enterprises need multiple custom designed networks built on reliability, performance, and security that cannot be designed with legacy tools. We wanted to blend state-of-the-art technology with ease-of-use UI to create a modern platform that genuinely saves time & money.”
Payman Samadi, Eino Founder